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The Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Research Institute (PRWRERI) is one of 54 water research centers established throughout the United States and its territories by The Water Research Resource Act of 1964 and presently operates under Section 104 of the Water Research and Development Act of 1984 (P.L. 98-242).

The general objectives of the Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Research Institute are (1) to conduct research aimed at resolving local and national water resources problems, (2) to train scientists and engineers through hands-on experience in research, and (3) to facilitate the incorporation of research results in the knowledge base of water resources professionals in Puerto Rico and the U.S. as a whole.

To accomplish these objectives, the Institute identifies Puerto Rico's most important water resources research needs, funds the most relevant and meritorious research projects proposed by local faculty, encourages and supports the participation of students in funded projects, and disseminates research results to scientists, engineers, and the general public.

Since its creation, the Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Research Institute has sponsored a substantial number of research projects, supported jointly by federal and University of Puerto Rico's funds. The purpose of this website is to make the Institute's work more widely known to the Puerto Rican community and, at the same time, to provide means of information distribution with regard to the reports produced through the institute's research activities.

The PRWRERI is a component of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayag├╝ez Research and Development Center. As such, it acts as official liaison of the University of Puerto Rico with industry and government for all water resources research activities. The Institute also functions as a highly recognized advisor to these two sectors on water resources issues. This role translates into multidisciplinary functions and activities that add relevancy and impact to the research programs the Institute supports.

By virtue of the local relevancy of its research as well as the prestige and leadership of the investigators it has supported, the Institute has become the focal point for water-related research in Puerto Rico. Meetings, seminars, technical reports, and a quarterly newsletter are used by the Institute to keep the water resources community and general public informed about advances in research. Approximately once every two years, the Institute organizes major conferences on its area of expertise and the Caribbean, in collaboration with other technical organizations in the region. All these activities facilitate the translation of the research sponsored by the Institute into the practical applications of direct benefit to industry, government, and the public.

Dr. Jorge Rivera Santos
Dr. Jorge Rivera Santos
Dr. Walter Silva Araya
Dr. Walter Silva Araya
Associate Director
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Current Students
Oscar Hernan Martínez Pinilla
Ph.D. Student
Sebastian García
Ph.D. Student
José Amell Hernádez
M.S in Applied Physics, pursing Ph.D Student Civil Engineering Water Resources Expected Graduation May 2025
Krystina Adorno
B. S Office Admnistration Industrial Management M.B.A Expected Graduation May 2022
Xavier Babilonia
B.S Civil Engineering M.S.E Student Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Graduation 2022
Enrique Rodriguez
B.S in Civil Engineering M.S.E Student Environmental Engineering and Water Resources
Ihan J. Acevedo González
B.S Civil Engineering M.S.E Student Environmental Engineering and Water Resources
Daleen M. Torres Burgos
B.S Student
Adriana Ramírez Cuebas
B.S Student
Bryan Garcia
B.S Student
Ysabel Hightower
B.A Student
Carlos Alfaro
B.S Student
Past Students
Victor Manuel Vargas Lugo
Ph.D. Student
Felix Luis Santiago Collazo
MSc.E. Student
Francisco Rodriguez
MSc.E. Student
Diana Urrego
MSc.E. Student
Luis Gabriel Malavé Pérez
MSc.E. Student
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