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Preliminary Investigation of 45 Yalobusha River...
Title: Preliminary Investigation of 45 Yalobusha River Tributaries for the DEC Monitoring Program

Duration: Unknown

Problem and Research Objectives
The objetive of this research is to develop preliminary hydrologic study for 45 Yalobusha River Tributaries. Each ofthese streams is tributary to the Yalobusha River or Grenada Lake, and are located in Calhoun, Webster, Yalobusha and Grenada ounties, Mississippi.

Hydrology development for each site will consist of determining the relevan hydrologic parameters for each attachment, these being drainage area, time of concentration, basin slope and length, and land use/soil type distribution. The parameters wil be used in a hyrologic simulation model to generate runoff hydrographs for T-year storms. The proposed rainfall-runoff model is the Watershed Modeling System (WMS) package. The WMS model uses available digital elevation maps to compute catchment parameters, which are the coupled to a hydrologic model interface to compute runoff hydrographs. The U.S. Army Corps HEC-1 model is one of the available options, and is the one proposed for use in this study.

The major benefit accruing from the proposed study is the creation of a basin hydrology data base tha can be used in related river studies.

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