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Hydro-ecological Study to Determine the Hydraulic Gradient...
Title: Hydro-ecological Study to Determine the Hydraulic Gradient of Aņasco

Duration: December 1, 2008 - February 15, 2009

Problem and Research Objectives
The Municipality of Aņasco has a landfill system where non-hazardous solid waste are deposited. The landfill system requires the implementation of a management plan that identifies potential groundwater pollution problems of this water and procedures to prevent, mitigate and restore their quality. As part of the necessary information for the development of this plan is required to know the direction of groundwater flow by determining the hydraulic gradient of the aquifer system.

The main objective of the study is to determine the hydraulic gradient in the groundwater surface. Other data of interest, that can be obtained during the test pits driving, is a visual description of the material removed.

To obtain the level of groundwater is necessary the driving of different test pits in strategic locations. A minimum of five test pits are required, these test pits will be located at specific points previously discussed with the Health Department staff and its consultant, engineer Felipe Nazario. Once these levels are obtained through techniques of flow in porous media, the hydraulic gradient will be determinate and then the direction of groundwater flow.

Results and Deliverables
The product of this study is a report with the data obtained in the field and the corresponding analysis for determining the hydraulic gradient and direction of groundwater flow. The report will include a map showing the location of the water surfaces.

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