Marla Perez
Marla Pérez Lugo, Ph.D.
Project Assessment Coordinator
Applied Social Research Center (CISA)
Department of Social Sciences
University of Puerto Rico
Mayaguez Campus
Carmen Bellido
Carmen Bellido, Ph.D.
University of Puerto Rico
Mayagez Campus
Development and Partial Implementation of an Education...
Title: Development and Partial Implementation of an Education and Awareness Program for the Comprehensive Integrated Management Plan for the Mayagüez Bay Watershed Project

Duration: Unknown

Project Summary Narrative
To partially design and to implement a campaign of education and awareness for the region of the Hydrographic River basin of the Bay of Mayagüez in order to increase to the level of knowledge and understanding on the Rio Grande de Añasco and its river basin between students, agriculturists and communities of that geographic area, to promote practices of sustainable handling for the protection of its natural resources and to provide to the students experiences significant with and on this river. By the nature of the bottoms and the period of time available, the work party decided to use the municipalities of Añasco and the Marias as a project pilot. The reasons by which these two municipalities were chosen are: 1) both are the unique ones that in their totality are immersed in the area of the River basin of the River Grande de Añasco, and 2) both offer variability in socioeconomic levels, of industrialization and urbanization between their communities reason why comparisons can be done of the results of the educative campaign and awareness by these variables independent.

Year Report and Activities
In order to fulfill the objectives of the project, the following ones had seted out activities:
  1. Particularly to organize conferences oriented towards the general public (communitarian students, agriculturists and groups), including activities "hands-on" and the use of a model of the river basin for demonstrations.
  2. To create "fact Sheets" and "brochures" on the present state of the river basin and its problems of contamination.
  3. To create "posters" and materials audio-visual.
  4. To organize "fieldtrips" to diverse areas of the River Grande de Añasco or to areas in where conservation and sustainable handling are being implemented practical effective of of resource water.
  5. To create a call for proposals of projects of communitarian groups. The equipment of work will give a brief presentation on the development of proposals, work in equipment, on the problem of contamination of the river basin, and on possible sources of contamination so that the possible participants have an idea of how their efforts are going to contribute to improve the quality of the water. The call for proposals will define the objectives and the amplitude of the projects. A total of 4 projects will be selected and each one will receive $5,000.
More Information available at the CIMP page.

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