Dr. Silva
Walter Silva Araya, Ph.D.
PRWRERI Associate Director
University of Puerto Rico
Mayagüez Campus
Yasmín Detrés, Ph.D.
Marine Science Department
University of Puerto Rico
Mayagüez Campus
Jorge Sanjuan
Jorge Sanjuan
Graduate Student
Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying
University of Puerto Rico
Mayagüez Campus
Roy Ruiz
Roy Ruiz-Vélez
Research Assistant
University of Puerto Rico
Mayagüez Campus
Soil Erosion Control on Coastal Lands Using Halophitic plants
Title: Establishment of a Demostration Field in Salt Tolerant Vegetative Materials as a Conservation Buffer in Salt Flats at Boquerón's Wildlife Reserve

Duration: September 01, 2011 - Present

The Natural Resources and Conservation Service (NRCS), the PRWRERI, and The Boquerón Wildlife Refuge (BWR-PRDNR) are working in the establishment of a demostration field in salt tolerant vegetative materials as a conservation buffer in salt flats.

The United States Coral Reef Task Force USCRTF) identified the urgent need for local action to inclease the protection to coral reef from land and marine pollution, unsustenable fishing, development, and othe stressors detrimental coral health. Efforts are already in place by the NRCS and PRWRERI to help private landowners with appropiate technical assistantce for establishment of conservation practices to guaranteed the economy and sustainability of their operations.

Three species of plants will be tested on salt flats field at the BWR. Different parameters will be collect from the site to analyse the erosion prevention capacity of those species. A demostrative site have been establish, open to the public, to show the erosion's dynamic and how plants help us to mitigate and prevent this problem on coastal lands.

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